23rd Sep, 2014

Lets start at the very beginning

I’ve moved house and I don’t know what to do with the garden?

Designing a garden to suit you and all your family can be a daunting proposition and it can be hard to decide where to start. Where should you put the deck or patio, how can you use awkward little spaces or even, how can you block out a neighbour?

Trying to redesign an existing garden, while negotiating elements that seem too large or too expensive to remove or change can prove even more difficult. If you have moved into a property with an established garden, if possible live with it for a whole year before doing anything drastic. Living with the existing garden gives you the opportunity to see how plants behave through the seasons and allows you to become aware of plants such as bulbs that might not be seen when you move in. It will also give you the opportunity to observe how the weather affects the garden. No one wants the expense of putting in a patio or seating only to find yourself sitting in a wind tunnel in spring.

During this time take photographs to remind you of where the sun is at different times of the year or which trees lose their leaves affecting your privacy. Also collect pictures from magazines and books for inspiration that could be adapted for your garden. Ask everyone in the family what they would like in the garden and work these into the design – play area, outdoor entertaining, space for the dog, quiet space for a coffee break, storage of a trailer to name a few.

Well done – you have now started on a journey to create outdoor spaces that work for you and your family. Next blog we will continue to develop this initial stage of the garden design process.