Jane Inge, Landscape and Exterior Design

I have been designing gardens and outdoor spaces for over 20 years, both in the UK, where I trained with some of the best known designers in the business and now here in New Zealand my new home. Read the FAQs page for further information on working with a Landscape Designer.
Early in my career while working within the IT industry I developed a strong sense of process and communications skills that now add to the smooth development of a garden project. I’ve also done time mixing concrete, laying and pointing paving and general labouring which gives me a greater understanding of how materials can be used.

To understand how the outdoor space will work for a specific client using the architecture, surrounding landscape and site specifics to guide the creative process.
I place great emphasis on the underlying groundplane, fusing traditional design with modern ideas. Plants are used sculpturally or massed to add the wow factor to the design.
I welcome collaboration with architects and house designers.

Best moment:

Seeing an unloved space change into a garden that is cherished and enjoyed by its owners.